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What are the advantages of the Femco® oil drain plug?

  • The Femco® oil drain plug speeds up your maintenance
  • You can drain oil at engine temperature safely
  • You can drain oil in an environmental friendly way, because oil spillages are prevented
  • Oil is contained from sump/oil pan into the container
  • Eliminates the risk of stripped threads
  • Tool less oil changing, all you need is the drain hose

For what applications can I use the Femco® oil drain plug?

You can use the Femco® oil drain plug for various applications like:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Scooters
  • Trucks
  • Machines
  • Diggers
  • Agricultural machinery

How does the Femco® oil drain plug work?

  • Remove the dust cover from the drain plug
  • Screw the Femco® drain connector with hose onto the drain plug
  • The fluids are captured and flow straight to the container
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Which oil drain plug suits my application the best?

Femco produces a lot of oil drain plugs and they are all specialised for different applications.

  • The Standard oil drain plug is installed when there are no restrictions
  • The Compact oil drain plug is used where space is restricted
  • The Click Drain is used when you have a large number of vehicles
  • The XL oil drain plug is used when you have to drain a huge amount of oil
  • The Quick Drain is used for stationary machinery

How can I find my oil drain plug ?

You can find your size drain plug by using our online store search, which contains over 20,000 applications. Femco makes over 500 combinations of thread sizes and patterns. Please contact us if you can’t find your application within our online store.

Where can I find a dealer?

Please use the dealer locator. When there is no dealer in your area, please give us a call.

How do I become a dealer?

You can become a dealer by filling in the dealer form , or by contacting us.

Can I use a Femco® oil drain plug in combination with an oil extractor pump?

All Femco® oil drainage systems can be connected with an oil extractor pump.

Can I perform an oil change while the oil is still hot?

All Femco oil drain plugs are produced from solid brass and can be used to drain oil at engine operating temperature.

Is it possible to drain fluids other than oil?

The Femco oil drain plugs can be used to drain all kinds of fluids like,

  • Engine oil
  • Coolant
  • Gearbox oil
  • Hydraulic oil

What happens if I get water in my fuel tank?

Femco drain plugs are ideal for draining condensation from fuel tanks.

Can I sample my engine oil?

Femco has produced various sampling nipples to make it easy to check the oil quality. You just have to attach the sampling nipple to the oil drain plug.

How can I change the oil in a difficult place to reach?

Femco can provide you with angled and extended drain connectors or special adaptors to drain oil even in the tightest spaces.

Can a Femco® oil drain plug be fitted with a magnet?

All Femco® oil drain plugs can be provided with a magnet, which can be inspected after draining the oil.