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Quick and clean oil changes with the Femco® oil drain plugs

Why a Femco® oil drain plug?

At Femco® we specialise in the development and manufacture of high quality oil drain plugs and oil drain valves. Because of this expertise we have become the worldwide market leaders in the field of oil drainage systems. Fitting a Femco® oil drain plug helps you to perform an oil change quickly, safely and reduces the risk of causing environmental pollution. Making oil changes a breeze! By using the Find My Plug section you can easily find the right oil drain plug for all your vehicles. Whether it’s a car, a motorcycle or a truck, we have got the right oil drain plug for you!


Over 30 years ago Femco® introduced the quickest, safest and most sustainable way to perform an oil change. All Femco® oil drain systems are made from solid brass. This high-quality material ensures you can drain hot oil safely. Our drain systems prevent spillages during the process and are very easy to operate. Our oil drain plugs and oil drain valves combine efficiency with sustainability and help to make your routine oil changes easier, that’s why our oil drain systems are used all over the world to drain oil from a wide variety of vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.


We have developed several oil drain systems, each of them optimised to cover any draining application. We also continue to make our products even quicker and easier to use, and we listen carefully to the requirements and suggestions of customers.  As a result you can be sure that our oil drain plugs are of the highest quality. In our webshop you can find our product range covering over 500 thread types and sizes. Please contact us if you have any questions or require further information.